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About Piaffe Design & Marketing

I'm Beverly "BJ" Swanson, and I started my business back in 1989 as P.S. Publishing Services, dedicated to providing high quality design services at a reasonable price. Many of my first clients were non-profit organizations, where a public presence needed to be professional but affordable, unlike costly corporate advertising firms.

Since that time, I have designed and/or produced a variety of ads, brochures, marketing plans, events, public relations, website, internet and electronic media promotions. If it has to do with selling and marketing a business - no matter what type, no matter what size - I'm there to help where it will give the biggest bang for the smallest buck.

The past few years have honed my expertise in the equine industry, and so I concluded that I would change the name of my business to reflect that. Besides, I liked the way it looked in Park Avenue font, along with my horse logo!

If you want some help with promoting your business, along with a positive person who will be your cheerleader and staunch supporter - give me a call or email.


Piaffe Design & Marketing Solutions - Denver, Colorado
contact: 720.401.0357